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Precision Dowel Pins

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Nordex offers Precision Dowel Pins

A large inventory of standard sizes in 303 stainless steel dowel pins and carbon steel dowel pins are available from Nordex to ship today! Empirical/Inch and Metric Sizes.

Nordex Dowel Pins in a handy sorted case

Dowel Pins from Nordex

Custom sizes are available upon request.

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Inch Sizes 1/32 to 1/2 diameters

303 Stainless Steel - Slip Fit 19E
Carbon Steel RC58-62 - Press Fit 20E
303 Stainless Steel - interference fit 21E
416 Stainless Steel RC 36-42 24E

Metric Sizes  1mm to 10mm diameters

Carbon Steel – Metric
Carbon Steel 550-650 HV 30 – Metric
Stainless Steel A1 18-8 – Metric 23E
416 Stainless Steel RC36-42 – Metric 24E

Also available:

Spirol Pins
Spirol Pins – Metric
Groove Pins and Precision Machine Keys 26E
Taper Pins
Taper Pins – Metric
Spring Pins
Spring Pins – Metric
Split Pins / Cotter Pins
Split pins / Cotter Pins – Metric
dowel pin kits in assortment sizes

Assorted sizes dowel pin kits available from Nordex Inc.


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